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Cattle Egret 2023
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Green Sandpiper 2023
Wood Sandpiper 2023
Caspian Tern 2023
European Honey-buzzard 2023
Griffon Vulture 2023
European Roller 2023
Red-footed Falcon 2023
Eurasian Hobby 2023
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Icons below give information about sighting :
Rare species & escaped from captivity (category A) - report all observations, indicating the number of individuals
Waterfowl & colonial breeding birds (category B) - report all observations from atlas code 7
Hidden data
Mobile data
Sighting in discussion with the author
The record is correct, request additional information
The record is incorrect, mark it as invalid
Data coming from an observation list
This record is part of an uncomplete observation list
Rock Ptarmigans protocol
Waterbird Census
Black Grouse protocol
Woodcock monitoring
Sand Martin
Private territory mapping
MHB & BDM (Monitoring of common breeding birds, monitoring of biodiversity in Switzerland)
MF (Monitoring of breeding birds in wetlands)
VBS (Monitoring of breeding birds on military training areas)
other territory mapping
CBBS in Protected Areas
Grey Partridge
Point count
Second hand sighting
Second hand sighting
Picture of this sighting available
Picture of this sighting available
Sound of this sighting available
Sound of this sighting available
Sighting considered by the Swiss Rarities Committee
Sighting considered by the Swiss Rarities Committee
Sighting accepted by the Swiss Rarities Committee or other rarities committee
Sighting accepted by the Swiss Rarities Committee or other rarities committee
New since my last visit
New since my last visit
Atlas code explanation :
Possible breeding
Species heard or observed within safe dates, but not in suitable breeding habitat.
Species heard or observed within safe dates, and in suitable breeding habitat
Territorial behavior, including counter singing males, territorial singing (repeatedly singing from same locations within an area), drumming in woodpeckers, or aggressive interactions between same-sex individuals of same species
Probable breeding
Pair (male and female) within safe dates, and in suitable breeding habitat
Pair (male and female) present at the same location 2 or more days apart
Courtship behavior (aerial displays, courtship feeding) or copulation
Visiting probable nest site
Agitated behavior and/or anxiety calls from an adult, suggesting presence of nearby nest or young
Brood patch (Note: code only applies to birds observed in hand and is reserved for experienced birder only)
Nest building observed at nest site (Note: for nest building by wrens, woodpeckers, kingfisher...)
Confirmed breeding
Distraction display (especially injury feigning, such as broken wing display) or attacking/dive-bombing humans in defense of unobserved nest or young
Used nest (occupied within period of survey); includes inactive nests
Recently fledged young that are incapable of sustained flight
Occupied nest, but contents not observed; adults entering and remaining for a period of time, then leaving or exchanging duties
Adult carrying a fecal sac
Adult carrying food for young
Eggshells found below nest
Nest with adult incubating
Nest with nestlings or eggs
Only if not any case above is applicable
Possible breeding
Probable breeding
Confirmed breeding
Species not recorded despite active search during the nesting period
The colour of the sighting display gives information about the rarity of the species :
American Golden Plover
Species never seen in Switzerland
Pink-footed Goose
Species very rare
Bewick's Swan
Species rare
Exotic bird
Species probably escaped
Whooper Swan
Uncommon species
Hybrid Duck
Common species
unidentified Bird
Species very common
Shortcut list for county :
AG : Argovia
AI : Appenzell Inner-Rhodes
AR : Appenzell Outer-Rhodes
BE : Berne
BL : Basle-Country
BS : Basle-Town
FR : Fribourg
GE : Geneva
GL : Glarus
GR : Grisons
JU : Jura
LU : Lucerne
NE : Neuchâtel
NW : Nidwalden
OW : Obwalden
SG : St. Gall
SH : Schaffhausen
SO : Solothurn
SZ : Schwyz
TG : Thurgovia
TI : Ticino
UR : Uri
VD : Vaud
VS : Valais
ZG : Zug
ZH : Zurich
01 : Ain
25 : Doubs
39 : Jura (F)
68 : Haut-Rhin
74 : Haute-Savoie
90 : Belfort territoiries
BA : Bayern
BW : Baden-Württemberg
AO : Aosta
BS : Brescia
BZ : Bolzano
CO : Como
LC : Lecco
MI : Milano
NO : Novara
SO : Sondrio
TN : Trento
VA : Varese
VB : Verbania
VC : Vercelli
FL : Liechtenstein
OO : Oberösterreich
SM : Steiermark
TI : Tirol
VB : Vorarlberg
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